We hear a lot these days about inflammation and its effects on us.

I know it causes everything from weight gain to chronic illnesses. And you don’t have to be “sick” to live with the effects of persistent inflammation. Let me tell you about someone I know.

This husband and wife in their late fifties are, by most estimations, healthy people. They exercise, eat the right foods, limit their sugar, and haven’t been to a fast-food restaurant in years. However, neither of them could shake the ten or so pounds that stood between them achieving their optimal weights. In addition, the husband was taking Priolosec and blood pressure medicine.

I encouraged them to take a look at the possibility that their problem might be inflammation. They followed my advice and the protocol I give to almost every patient—The Virgin Diet. Day one was hard, but from that point on, things got easier. They began to lose weight, the husband quit taking Prilosec (and anticipates eliminating the blood pressure medicine after his next physical), gained mental clarity, improved their energy, and have been told they look younger.

What did they change? Their diet. They eliminated seven things and recognized that their previous diet wasn’t nearly as healthy as they thought. Today, they are inspirations to anyone who says, “I can’t change at my age.”

That’s not true and I can prove it.

So Is Inflammation Your Problem?

I’ve created an online tool designed to help you decide. It’s free and will only take a few minutes. Feel free to share it with others. Click the image to get started!