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Integrative Family Medicine was established in 2014 with the purpose of helping one patient at a time begin to get their life back after often time years of environmental and internal assaults on the body.
Our Purpose

IFM is a practice that is dedicated to digging deeper, listening to the patient’s story and partnering with the patient to find a solution to their illness.

We do not put patients in boxes and treat them all the same. We are committed to sitting down with each patient and listening…..really listening to their story. Beginning sometimes as far back as the when you were in the womb. We ask about childhood immunizations, where you grew up, do you have mercury amalgams in your mouth etc. Did you grow up around herbicides, pesticides, chemical plants in the area, were you given antibiotics chronically as a child? How is the stress level in your life? Do you have “community” to do life with?  Are you eating packaged, processed, fake food?  What are you putting on and in your body? Are you adding to the inflammation process by eating, using and breathing in inflammatory foods and products?

When teasing out the “root” cause of autoimmune dysfunction, we may never find the exact cause of what turned on your immune system. It could be any of the above mentioned reasons. Our goal is to begin to uncover one assault at a time on your body and start the healing process! We always begin in the gut and work our way to healing adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones. We utilize IgG antibody testing for food sensitivities from Dunwoody labs. Oxidative stress, Oxidized LDL levels and Leaky gut markers, including Zonulin , are also tested through the Dunwoody Lab in Georgia. We offer saliva testing for adrenal dysfunction, hormones and thyroid evaluation from ZRT Labs. We also offer stool studies and SIBO testing from Genova Diagnostics, as well as the NutrEval extremely detailed vitamin and mineral testing including metabolic analysis and oxidative stress markers.

We have an extensive list of providers both traditional and integrative that we work with and refer our patients to. We believe that sometimes it does “take a village” to begin to reverse the damage and begin the road to health!
We are a “direct pay” practice. Meaning that we do not file insurance, and are out of network with your insurance policy. You will be given a detailed Superbill following your appointment that you may file yourself with your insurance carrier. We do not guarantee that your insurance will pay for any or all of your visit. By, taking insurance out of the practice, we are able to focus on true “healthcare” and not “sickcare”. It has been my experience, that insurance for the most part is not interested in paying for true “healthcare”. In my traditionally trained background, I was taught to treat symptoms, and not the “root” cause of any illness. Insurance is no longer dictating how long I can spend with patients and what tests I can offer.
Dani shares the focus and direction of Integrative Family Medicine.

Dani Williamson Wellness Supplement Store

Are you looking for natural health supplements in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area? At Integrative Family Medicine we offer a wide range of supplement products in our store. Come visit us today at Integrative Family Medicine, 330 Mallory Station Road, Suite B3, Franklin, TN. View the store hours here.

Fee Schedule

We are currently accepting patients. 
While you wait, you may attend Dani’s live, in-office, Six Steps to Healing Class. Get more details here.


  • Initial evaluation 70-90 minutes: 600.00
  • Follow up 30 minutes: 200.00

  • Phone consult 30 minutes: 200.00

  • We do require a credit card on file to reserve a New Patient appointment. 

Connect With Us:
Clinic Phone: 615-944-3530
Store Phone: 615-953-8300
Fax: 615-550-2641


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Wild & Well Emporium Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:00 am-5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am-2:00 pm

IFM Clinic Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:00 am-4:00 pm
Friday Closed

Quest lab Hours:
Monday-Thursday 7:15 am-12:30 pm and 1:30 pm-3:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am-12:30 pm

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