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Dani’s Six Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing

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About The Book

In a time when we have access to more knowledge and resources than ever before, and we hold the power of information literally in the palm of our hands, a strange thing is happening: We still believe most of what we hear.

This means that when we hear things like this from our doctors… “You’ve got xyz condition, and the best we can do is manage your symptoms…” we believe it.

Sadly, the idea that we have to feel worse and take more prescriptions as we age is just a lie, plain and simple. It’s a lie that has kept us stuck not in a healthcare system, but in a sick-care system that frankly doesn’t profit from happy, healthy patients.

I’d like to help you break free from that untruth and allow you to re-discover how you were meant to live… Wild & Well!

learn that it’s not as hard as you think to eat well, sleep well, poop well, move well, de-stress well, and connect well

What’s inside

An excerpt from Chapter 1

Here’s the Game Plan

This book is divided into two parts: commonsense evidence and common-sense action. In Part One, we will discuss topics like ACE (adverse childhood experience) testing and what I call lifestyle diseases. You will discover powerful, clear, and succinct information on what is causing you to feel the way you do. In Part Two, I’ll spell out exactly what you can do about it! If you are ready to put on your gloves and fight, then consider Part Two as your coach that will get you ring-ready.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with a com-monsense guide to total restoration.

No matter what season you are in right now, I want to you be able to use the tools in this book to fight for the life God meant for you to have. I wrote it to give you hope and a strategy, but it’s up to you to take it and run with it!

If you are suffering from autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, bowel issues, low sex drive, insomnia, or stress, I’ve got you. It’s not “normal” to put on weight and struggle to get it off. It’s not “normal” for your body to have an autoimmune reaction. It’s not “normal” to stop wanting to have sex with your spouse. It’s not “normal” to have to take a pill to sleep.

A “normal” body is one that works the way God designed it to work.

I believe that the six steps on the path to health and healing are to eat well, sleep well, move well, poop well, de-stress well, and commune well. While I am passionate about these truths, I am even more excited about returning your passion for life to you. I hope to do that by helping you experience breakthroughs in your health that give your body and your health back.

It’s your life, and you deserve to feel great! None of us know the moment we will take our final breath. Whether my last heartbeat comes today or 50 years from now, I want to be living my best life—inside and outside—at that moment.

When you are in pain, you are not suffering from a Tylenol deficiency. I will dispel the myths propagated by Band-Aid-style medicine and get to the root of your issues. Then, I will give you a precise plan for what to do and what not to do. I know what NOT to do because I’ve done it for most of my life.

People see health influencers and think we’ve got it all figured out. But I’m a work in progress, just like you! I’m not a magician or a world-renowned doctor. I’m just a country girl from Gilbertsville, Kentucky who had an epiphany one day. Someone finally looked me in the eyes and asked me the right questions, and now I get to share some research-based truths that will transform your life, if you are ready to have a little faith and step out of the boat.

Expert Reviews

“We lead interconnected lives. Dani expertly unpacks why we can’t think about our health in isolation―and why the best solution isn’t always more medication. If you’re ready for a holistic, practical approach to your health, read on.”

– MICHAEL HYATT, New York Times bestselling author

“Dani Williamson is a force of nature. And now she has taken that force and combined it with science, motivation and tools, cooked it all up in an easily digestible book that gives you answers, hope, and laughter. I have known Dani for a number of years. I often teach MDs, NPs and phar- macists continuing medical education courses. We met there and it was instant sisters-of-the heart. Dani is one of the hardest working functional health care practitioners in the business. She has heart. Plus smarts. This book will give you heart + smart, too! In this book you Dani gives it to you straight. And with this easy read, you get a large tool bag. Tools are the bomb! I have been in functional medicine for many decades and seen and heard many practitioners. You want someone that walks their talk and then helps you soar with yours. This book is that.

– DR. DEVAKI LINDSEY BERKSON, Founder of (books, podcast and blog), Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio, and female hormone line with Biotics (Receptor Detox and Hormone Daily Protector)

“A workbook and a wakeup call, loaded with tips and tidbits, Dani takes on the vital role of challenging our ingrained belief systems and offering an opportunity to change course. Dani does a stellar job of pulling back the self-limiting curtain of our perception and illuminating a new thoughtful and hopeful path forward. Dani walks us down memory lane of how and why we have arrived at this moment of medical mayhem fraught with fragmentation, dysfunction and rampant failure. But she also inspires us with her wild and wellness-centric ways to both individually and collectively do what is innately possible, to rebel against a broken system and to create a new reality beyond only surviving, but thriving.”


“Dani is a true warrior and a meaningful advocate for helping you navigate your best and most vibrant life. We all have missteps, and we have had struggles. We learn from each other! It is what you do in the face of those struggles that matter the most to me. If you want to heal and regain your health for good, FOR LIFE, I highly recommend this book. She is the real deal!”

– TYLER HUBBARD, Florida Georgia Line

“With a few Google searches, anyone can easily discover which foods are inflammatory or what doctors say about getting adequate rest. But I believe people resonate with a book for far more than its content. I believe people will resonate with this book because of its overarching and undeniable message of hope. If you have been feeling broken―physically, emotionally, mentally― Dani will let you know that you are not alone. You also don’t have to stay that way! Dani’s six steps are part of the prescription that she gives every single one of her patients who are suffering from autoimmune disease, lifestyle diseases, and more that lead to strained relationships and exhaustion. You are not sinking, and you are stronger than you know, and I know you will be inspired to living your wildest and most well life thanks to Dani’s wit, wisdom, and research.”

– JJ VIRGIN, Four-Time NYT bestselling author, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

“Dani Williamson is the embodiment of Wild and Well! Her fiery red hair, open heart and compassion for the wellness and wellbeing of others shines in absolutely everything she says and does. She walks the walk and knows how to get you there too! If you want to look and feel amazing inside and out and regain the vibrant life you once had or always dreamed of having, read this transformational book and learn from my friend who’s been down the road and back again and is stronger because of it.”

– DR. ANNA CABECA, OB/GYN, Bestselling author of The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16

“Dani Williamson has captured and exquisitely articulated the power of self-care, self-love and empowerment to heal and regain the vibrant life you deserve and desire. Dani’s incomparable spirit and dedicated compassion is apparent on every page throughout this must-read book. Filled with practical, realistic and insightful stories and strategies, you can’t help being inspired to do all you can to embrace Dani’s signature pillars of health. The message is clear, as she shares her hard-earned wisdom inspired by her personal journey. I know I’ll be relying on the book as a resource for my personal healing as well as those I guide on their journeys to sustainable recovery.”

– MINDY GORMAN-PLUTZER FNLP, CEPC, CHC, Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coaching

About the author.

My name is Dani Williamson, MSN, FNP, and I’m living, walking, breathing proof that there is vibrant life after a “lifelong” diagnosis is handed down to you. There is health and joy. There is freedom from food addiction, from depression, from stress, and from your past.

You are not your past, and you are NOT broken! But you may be struggling to stay afloat, and I’ve been there, too. But you are also not sinking. I know it may feel like you are already halfway under, but you are not. Modern medicine is the thing that’s broken, not your divinely designed body.

Join me as we discuss the modern state of health in America as well as the six steps you can take into order to reclaim your health, your relationships, your intimacy with your spouse, and your faith in the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Let this be the year you are once again Wild & Well and loving life! 

You’ll learn that it’s not as hard as you think to eat well, sleep well, move well, poop well, de-stress well, and connect well. In a time in our world when connection is more important than ever, let me help you connect to a brighter future as well as help you find a community that will support and encourage you. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the six steps and hearing your success story. 

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